Beaches in the riviera

There are two types of beach resort in the Riviera. There are small resorts lie below the limestone peak of Monte Conero, such Portonovo, Sirolo, Numana. Then there are the bigger places with a lively atmosphere, busy nightlife, plenty of visitors abroad such as Marcelli. As well as pay sections, there are also free stretches of public beaches.



mezzavalle1Description: this beach is a rarely paradise that the natural environment has preserved. Only free beaches.
Getting to the beach: From Ancona, head eastwards through the city to the coast road, and pick up the signs for Monte Conero. The road soon begins to rise and within a short while leaves the city suburbs to arrive at the slopes of Monte Conero. Mezzavalle beach is located just before Portonovo bay. You will have to cover approximately a kilometer on foot in order to catch up the beach.


portonovo_fortino_bDescription: pleasant beach sand rather than pebbled with serried ranks of umbrellas and deck chairs. On the bay, often crowded, there are few restaurants with a breathtaking view balcony serving fish dishes.
Getting to the beach: reached by car from the Monte Conero road (there are few parking areas) or by bus from the parking zone on the top of the hill.


lavelaDescription: A spectacular beach with a rock, shaped like a sail ("vela" in Italian). It's a free public beach: the last of the south versant of the bay.
Getting to the beach: reached by car from Ancona to Portonovo Bay. At Portonovo you have to park at Capannina beach and walk for few minuts.



cartolina3Description: the most singular, attractive and secluded stretch of unique coast: a white pebble beach with two spectacular rocks in front of.
Getting to the beach: is reached only by boat from Numana port.


sassineriDescription: a wide, long, black pebbled strand of beach; it is one of the best in the coast.
Getting to the beach: reached by bus from the bus station near the Town Hall (half an hour runs) or on foot from Republic Park of Sirolo.


san_micheleDescription: divided by a stretch of white cliffs coast from Black pebble, it is a attractive narrow sandy beach.
Getting to the beach: reached by bus from the bus station near the Town Hall (half an hourd runs) or on foot from Republic Park of Sirolo.


urbaniDescription: charming and half moon shape strand on a bay of Sirolo, with a green pine-wood as a backdrop.
Getting to the beach: easily reached by car and by bus, going down one kilometer road on a pine-wood which start in the center of Sirolo.


num_altaDescription: enchanting small pebble size strand, offers a number of beach facilities.
Getting to the beach: easily reached by bus from Numana square (ten minutes).


marcelli1Description: The beach is wide, golden and sunny: the ideal for those searching for relaxing sea days. Its tranquillity, not without fun, makes of Marcelli a researched place of vacation.
Getting to the beaches: easily reached by car from the ss 16 and the Monte Conero road.