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Rosso Conero and organic vinegar

Oriano Mercante writes, “Produce organic grapes and wine as naturally and as little processed as possible, respecting the natural characteristics of the product.
I prefer red. It all stems from my personal intolerance to reds that are also good, but too processed and correct, even if bought directly from the farmer. Stomach bloating and nighttime insomnia are symptoms of over-processed and over-corrected wine.


That is why already some years before I bought the vineyard we now own, I was buying Rosso Conero grapes and making wine for our family’s consumption and for friends and relatives who requested it, continuing the tradition of my wife Adriana’s family who had been making wine for generations and Rosso del Conero (in Numana) since 1956. For this purpose we used, until 2003, the old family press currently on display at our winery.
Then in 1999 it happened that the owner of land adjacent to our home sold that land, with the replanting rights to Rosso Conero DOC. The old farmer who tended the land before assured us that the vineyard planted up to 20 years earlier produced exceptional grapes.


We took advantage of the opportunity and planted the current vineyard since 2004 in full production, always following the same philosophy: as little intervention on the wine as possible, in collaboration with my wife Adriana, owner of the winery, and my father Armando. To offer recognized guarantees we immediately began the process of organic certification, which was completed in 2003.
Today we produce our organic Rosso Conero DOC and Conero DOCG, for our own consumption and those who will. We believe it is an excellent, natural product with great texture and intense color. Your judgment.